Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Random Thoughts from the DMV

In pursuit of my motorcycle license (now complete) I have spent a bit of time at the California DMV. I've been to three and while they are all eerily similar inside, the customer base is very different. And yesterday...it was the Hope St. DMV - basically downtown.

Random things seen at the DMV:
  1. A very long line stretching outside and around the building (word has it they waited for two hours, in the sun, in the 90 degree weather).
  3. A woman with the largest boobs I have ever, in my young life, seen. The same woman also had a tattoo on her arm - the only word I could read: "Chunky".
  4. Another woman with a dress that was just a tad too short, but we did all get a little bit of show when she raised her arm to point at something.
  5. A man's nipple - he was wearing a "wife-beater" and it wasn't on straight.
  6. The nipple man's gray, long back hair. It was at that moment that I seriously considered for myself and for the first time in my life, back waxing.

1 comment:

Thaddeus B said...

Downtown LA huh? It's times like these I'm reminded of a song, "Thank God I'm a country boy."