Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some More Random Thoughts

  1. Irony: the Technicolor offices in Universal City are black.
  2. It's 3.4 miles from Honda of North Hollywood to Universal Studios.
  3. There's a Roger Dunn golf store, an antique luggage store and one really goofy intersection (for a pedestrian) along the 3.4 miles of Lankershim Blvd that I walked (twice).
  4. There was a man with a small red flag at the Tom Bradley International terminal at LAX. In further proof of Eddie Izzard's premise about empires and flags, the man waved the flag around, said a few things in Mandarin and - poof! - a dozen people and more than two dozen bags zipped out the door.
  5. Of all the many sunburns I've had in my red-headed life, I've never had a sunburn on just my elbows - until now.
  6. I have a bag of duck feet in my refrigerator.

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