Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hmm - It's Getting Harder to be Random

  1. Though I've never seen anyone with their hair on fire, I did see a lady with smoking hair at lunch yesterday.
  2. Literally smoking.
  3. My cats had a memorable evening. First, they broke into a stash of catnip from the 1-800-Petmeds box. Second, they got deworming pills. Finally, they got dosed with topical anti-flea meds.
  4. I would rather do almost anything other than give a cat a pill. My tattered and torn skin would agree.
  5. Ah, a real Christmas tree.
  6. Rufus likes the dryer. Chip prefers the cupboards.
The aforementioned Chip (he also collects water bottles, possibly the reason for being in the cupboard).

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